I should have known better [ 2004-04-14, 11:06 a.m. ]

I'm actually awake. Amazing. I think I fell asleep last night at around 3:30am. I really got into reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I've got about 300 pages left. Its over 600 pages so that's pretty good. I read about 150 pages the night before last. I highly recommend it. You don't even have to like comic books, which is what the two protagonists do. Its set in the early 40's and me being fascinated with that time period, its a natural I'd like reading this.

I was in such a pissy mood yesterday at work. Part of it was not sleeping well and the other part was that ..I was at work. I'm grateful every day for coming home to my apartment. That's why I'm happy to be awake right now. Any awake time that I have that I'm not at work is wonderful. I cannot wait for Saturday to come. Although Friday night should be fun since Brenda, Amy and I (and a couple other people I think) are going to Jillian's to drink, play pool and just cut loose. I haven't been out to a bar in forfucking ever.

I forgot to mention in my last entry what I did Saturday night. It was about 2:30am and I decided to clean out my fridge. I will not gross you out with saying the last time I did that. By the time I was done, I had some condiments on the door and the rest fit on the top shelf of the fridge. Sad. But anyway, when I went to dump the trash it made a huge clanging noise (all the bottles that I forgot to put into recycling). Sheesh. In the middle of the night! How embarrasing. I kept telling myself "Why can't you be normal and clean during the day like everyone else?". Then...I was wiping down the stovetop and the side of the fridge and the cookie sheets and casserole dish that I keep on top of the fridge, slid DOWN onto the floor. What a racket that made. Oy.

Just hope my neighbor didn't hear all that.

I bought some ALAVERT for my allergies. I hope it works. My runny nose and sneezing at work is driving me nutso. I also bought some One-A-Day vitamins the other day. Going to try to remember to take them every day. I definitely need them. I have an aversion to vegetables most of the time which ain't good.

All for now, chickies.

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