Less hate for me [ 2004-05-04, 11:50 p.m. ]

Ok. I don't hate me. I just wanna kick my own ass sometimes. I get so frustrated with my own duality. There are some things that I'm so together about..like at work I'm pretty organized and whatnot. But my personal life..gah. Hopeless. At least it feels that way most of the time. But I refuse to give up. I shall persevere.

Anyhoo..I called my Mom this morning. Or shall I say this afternoon. I set my alarm for just after 9am but unfortunately set it to "pm" not "am". Ya know, I have had this stupid alarm for over 15 years. You'd think I would know how to use it by now.

I felt soooo bad about having to call and ask for the money but I kept telling myself that this was my Mom and she would understand. And luckily, she did. She heard it in my voice on the phone that something was wrong. I went over before work and got a check from her and then went to the bank. So things are covered on that front, thank God.

I open tomorrow so I really should be going to sleep soon. After work I'm going over again to my parents' so I can wash my clothes. Then I'll be coming home around 8pm so I can settle in to watch the finale of The O.C..

Ow. My arthritic hip hurts. I really need a good computer chair.

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