Miss Alli is a bitch [ 2004-05-09, 8:28 p.m. ]

I have a rant to make.

I post quite often (but not as much as some people) on Television Without Pity. On Saturday nights me and several other people will post in the SNL thread while the show is on. Sometime this past week one of the mods came and threw their weight around saying not to use the forums as chat rooms. Fine, whatever. Its not like its a major thread for Christ's sake.

So, me and maybe four other people actually did post in the thread while the show was on. Oh, the horror. So I got a a fucking warning meaning I can't post for 5 days. The mod who posted made a snit about how all of us could've been banned. Whoopedeefuckingdo. Go screw yourself.

I hate people who are admins or mods on forums who treat the posters like children. Its a stupid fucking rule and I've never caused trouble on there in all of my 700 posts. Jesus. I can deal with not posting. Big whoop. I just don't like her attitude.

Went to my parents' to visit my Mom for Mother's Day. Gave her a puzzle and a card. We ate dinner and watched the Wachovia Open which was being played here in Charlotte.

Currently watching the first HP movie on ABC. I love Harry.

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