Love Actually [ 2004-05-15, 9:32 p.m. ]

Stupid messed up sleeping pattern. I did go to sleep by 1:30 last night but then woke up just after 5am. Had something to eat and read a bit and watched some tv. Finally drifted off to sleep again around 8am which meant when my alarm went off around 9am there was no way I was getting up. Bah.

So I shall be going to the Post Office Monday morning after the manager meeting. Sigh.

Yesterday and today I got really jittery feeling. I think my blood sugar was low. I've really got to eat a more balanced meal at work. That's the only way to stop that.

I am going to ask my Mom for the name of her general practitioner doctor. If that doctor is on my list of docs that give my insurance a good rate then I'll make an appt. I need my blood tested again. When I had it tested last September or October (whenever I went to the doctor) it showed my blood sugar a bit off and my white blood cell count off as well. So I want to check that out.

I watched the rest of Love Actually while I ate dinner tonight. Ya know, I liked the movie...but I felt like it had too many stories. And I'm hoping I'm not too much of a cynic that I can't enjoy a romantic comedy. I just wanted more of Hugh Grant and the character of the old rock singer, Billy Mack. That guy was so cool. I am thinking of watching it again with the commentary. Sometimes that helps me appreciate a movie a bit more. See where the director/writer is coming from that maybe I missed. There are times when I'm watching a movie that I'm not in the right frame of mind to like it just then.

Well, I work tomorrow of course. And tomorrow when I get home I will most likely watch Big Fish.

See yas!

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