Keef [ 2004-05-17, 1:39 a.m. ]

I came home today cleaned the kitchen and then fell asleep for almost 6 hours. I was sooo sleepy. Got crappy sleep per usual last nite. Somehow managed to get thru the work day though without falling over. Just had to keep moving so I wouldn't let my tiredness catch up with me.

While I was at work, I was helping out in the cafe. This good looking, kinda built lookin' guy came up and he asked if we had anything for low-carb. I mentioned that we did have a low-carb dessert bar. But he wanted to know about drinks. After a minute of discussing what that would entail I mentioned that you could probably go to the Starbucks website and find out nutritional information. He said that would be probably be too depressing. Heh. He ended up ordering a caramel frapp after all that. He saw the irony at least. He wasn't my type cause I usually don't go for the built looking type but the sense of humor made him cute to me. My type? you ask. Usually skinny tall rough looking guys. Let me put it this way...I find Keith Richards very sexy. Maybe not as much now but mid-80's version is quite yummy.

I heard a car wreck happen today. I was coming out of the drugstore and heard "screeeeeech" and then BANG as the cars hit. It was about a block up on the street. Looked pretty bad when I saw it.


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