A Woman and her Bug Spray [ 2004-05-21, 8:43 p.m. ]

A Woman and her Bug Spray

Last night I was innocently getting a dish of ice cream (banana pudding ice cream, no less) and was rudely interrupted by a HUGE COCKROACH! Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have no idea how skeeved out I got. I started running around with the big spoon that I using to get the ice cream. Running around trying to remember where I put my bug spray. Ran to the hall closet..not there. Then it dawned on me that it was in the kitchen! So I went back into the kitchen, putting down the spoon. The bug spray is really a huge carrying container type with a spray nozzle attachment for serious spraying.

The HUGE COCKROACH was in the sink so I started spraying to save my life and take it's. There is a reason that cockroaches survive nuclear blasts..this one was not going down easy. I sprayed till he was coated with poison. Did I tell you how much I hate cockroaches? They serve no purpose. I hate spiders but I understand their purpose. To eat mosquitos so they won't suck me dry.

Finally the HUGE COCKROACH took his last breath and died in the sink strainer. Where he stayed. I wasn't about to do anything with it for a while. I ended up sleeping with the lights on I was that skeeved out.

So today I worked till 7:30 and to top things off on my way home a tiny spider ran across the windshield on the inside unfortunately. I had to grab a kleenex and squash it and then I took the kleenex box and squashed it some more. Ugh.

I got home after that harrowing ordeal and was determined to do something. I put on my yellow Playtex gloves and got the sink strainer and was going to dump the carcass of the HUGE COCKROACH into the garbage. But it wasn't budging out of it. So I need to now get a new sink strainer.

I threw out the garbage and then proceeded to spray under the sink around the pipes and any crevices. I don't know if that's how it got in but it doesn't hurt. I sprayed around the doorway and the window and behind the appliances. Went outside and was spraying around doorways and windows. While I was doing so I heard a dog and saw a girl walking it. We smiled at each other and I said "I had a little problem last night". She grimaced in sympathy.

Took a jug of bleach and poured it down the sink and poured the rest of it down the bathtub. A professional bug sprayer told me that helps.

So now I'm feeling a bit better. I don't know if I won't sleep with the lights on but at least I'm not completely skeeved out to go into the kitchen. Just cautious.

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