[ 2004-06-02, 3:27 p.m. ]

Yay! High Fidelity is on Comedy Central right now.

I watched Big Fish and Master & Commander yesterday. Both were very good movies although I think I slightly liked M&C a bit more. You can't really compare the two though. Ewan McGregor was so perfect in the former movie. And Paul Bettany & Billy Boyd were in the latter one. My inner fangirl kept going "Squeeee!" everytime Billy's cute little face would show up on screen.

I watched the first episode on disc one of Kindred: The Embraced last night. The thing I don't understand about that show is why they cast C. Thomas Howell in it. Bad bad casting choice.

I really need some coffee. Unfortunately I have none in the house so my only choice would be to go out to the Starbucks down the road. That would involve making myself look decent enough to be seen in public. But I don't have the energy to do so. Its a real catch-22.

Last night I reported troll behavior on TWoP. The first time I've ever reported anyone. But the behavior was wrong so I decided to do it. The moderator deleted the offending person and then took away my 20% warning which I had gotten because of the 5 day banning a few weeks ago. I went back and thanked him for removing my "scarlet letter" which made him laugh. Yay for laid back mods. It made me happy for some silly reason.

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