the Braves game [ 2004-06-06, 3:19 a.m. ]

I do not know how I survived this day. It isn't that it was bad necessarily but it was tiring. Yet I'm still awake with only about 4 hours sleep last night. But what's new about that?

My sisters and my Dad and I took off for Atlanta this morning at 7am. Mandy drove, Dad rode shotgun and Christy and I sat in the back. Now, Mandy is a good driver, don't get me wrong. But the woman has a bit of a lead foot to say the least. So the whole time we were driving there and back, we were telling her "slow down!" and "keep your distance from that car in front of you!" or also known as just "distance!". Sounds like a lot of fun, eh?

We still managed to laugh and carry on anyway. My Dad can hear about half of our conversation due to his bad hearing and he's got so many aches and pains right now that by the evening he was obviously very tired and cranky. The crankiness only showed up a bit when we stopped for dinner on the way back and the Shoney's we stopped to eat at was giving very slow service. Otherwise, he was just moaning and groaning about his soreness.

The game, we unfortunately lost 5-3 to the Phillies. It was pretty darn warm but I wore sunscreen and I'm ok. Drank plenty of water too. Those seats, by the way, are made for thinner people and I fucking vow that if we again next year I will be more comfortable. But more on that cause in a couple days.

So tomorrow is my last day of vacation. Please bow your head for a moment of silence. *sniff*

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