Movie day [ 2004-06-15, 4:19 a.m. ]

For some reason the icon for my High Fidelity diaryring is not showing up on my page. However, the HTML for it is still in my setup. Weird, eh.

I'm watching When Harry Met Sally for the millioneth time. I love this movie so much.

Sunday I came home from my parents' place after washing clothes and eating dinner. I laid down and fell asleep from around 8:30pm to close to 6am. I was a bit tired. I went to the managers' meeting. Jeff, my manager, was back from vacation. So I told him about my email to EW (he reads it as well). I told him that I written an email about the cover and he said what did you say "Yum Yum?". Ha. Geez, I think he knows me too well.

So I went to Home Depot after the meeting and got one of those Swiffer duster things that can dust my ceiling fan. The past couple days I noticed that these big dust bunnies were falling off of my fan. Right onto my bed. Achoo.

I then fell asleep for about 4 hours. I sleep at all the wrong times. Oy.

When I got up I decided to watch some movies. I first watched Elephant, the Gus Van Sant movie. I thought it was an interesting movie but I was left with an unsatisfied feeling. I'm not sure if that was what he intended but I can't really recommend it.

Then I watched Gigantic:The Tale of Two Johns. That's the movie about They Might Be Giants. I used to listen to my tape of Lincoln all the time when it came out back in the mid 80's. I would listen in my brown, unair-conditioned Chevette. I didn't even have a cassette player in the car so I would have to bring a small tape player into the car if I wanted to listen to any of my music. Ah, the old days. Anyways, Ana Ng is one of the most perfect songs ever. I got to see TMBG in concert when I worked at the nightclub and briefly met them to tell them how great they sounded. They seemed pretty nice. I also met Syd Straw who opened for them. She was so cool and offbeat. I told her that I had had to replace my cassette of her album with the cd cause I was wearing it out. She said "Oh, you're the one!". Heh.

Anywho, the documentary was good and has a whole passle of extras on it.

Then I watched my copy of Donnie Darko. I listened to the commentary of the writer/director Richard Kelly and Jake Gyllenhaal. It was entertaining commentary and Jake is pretty funny. He does a great Christopher Walken impersonation.

I'm sleepy. I don't know why..its only 4:30am. Sheesh.

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