tired and sore [ 2004-06-17, 12:19 a.m. ]

I'm tired, my foot hurts and I hate that I got absolutely nothing done with my two days off. It was like I was trying to catch up on all the sleep I usually don't get when I'm working.

I was closing the store tonight and with each passing minute was growing to hate everyone around me. I hate people. If I could get away with it, I would never work with the public. But alas, that is not the way my life is at the moment. Too bad with me not liking people right now and all.

I would love to afford to get a massage every week. I think that would do wonders for me. Then again, I keep meaning to actually try and do yoga. I know that would help me a lot. I'm always so stiff.

I'm just not in a great mood as you can tell. As much as I like to sleep in, I'm really hating closing the store lately. It sucks with how busy it gets and how sloppy all the "customers" are. I put them in quotes because most of the time these idiots aren't even buying anything. Fuckers.

So tomorrow I do a mid-shift going in at 11am. Between now and next Monday I have to completely clean up my place. Monday night Kathy and Robert are coming for a visit. He's going to a class at the Microsoft campus for his job so I offered them my place to bunk as long as they brought their air mattress. So I have next Tuesday and Wednesday off to spend some time with Kathy while Robert is off at the class. Should be fun but the prep for it will not be. Really too bad I didn't do anything on my two days off. I'm so stupid. Hate to me.

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