Alone again....naturally [ 2004-06-23, 8:35 p.m. ]

And I'm back.

My friend, Kathy, and her husband, Robert, came into town Monday night. He was attending a seminar at the Microsoft campus on Tuesday & Wednesday.

So Kathy and I went shopping at the super duper mall that was recently renovated which coincidentally is across the street from my bookstore. I haven't been into that mall for about two years I think. So it was kinda cool even though I couldn't really afford to buy anything. There were store like Kate Spade, Tiffany's and an Apple store. I saw that a Louis Vuitton store was coming soon. And a couple months a Nordstroms opened. Charlotte is moving on up.

It was fun to shop and talk with her. We talked about everything from silly to serious. She's been my best friend since junior high. Even though I don't talk to her everyday we can always pick up like we just saw each other. We're very comfortable with each other. Just like old friends should be.

Yesterday Kathy and I went to Starbucks at the mall. She got a black/white cookie and I had to go into the whole Seinfeld reference. You know about how its the two races coming together on a pastry yada yada yada. So later on after dinner, Kathy, Robert and I went to the Starbucks again. He asked her what she'd gotten earlier and she told him. He went into the Seinfeld reference instantly as well. It was funny as hell. Kathy hadn't seen that episode not being a Seinfeld fanatic. It was just funny how Robert and I will have a lot of the same pop culture references and similar music/movies/tv tastes. When I first met him I found out he really liked Hal Hartley (the director) movies like I did. You don't meet many of those fans.

I really did luck out that she married a guy that I can get along with..have good conversations and feel comfortable with.

So they left about an hour ago. I loved having them here but living alone I get really set in my ways. Big time. So its nice to be able to go to the bathroom with the door open again. Its the little things in life. Hee.

I did buy a few things today when Kathy and I went to another shopping center. Some discounted candles at Bath&Body Works, back scrubber, a scrubber pouf thingy, a small tube of sweet vanilla sugar creamy body scrub and lip balm. We walked over to the bookstore where they have a yoga/pilates display that my store doesn't have. I got the yoga mat that I've been wanting for a while. And a copy of the latest Big Takeover magazine. There's an article with an interview of my man Greg Dulli. Yay.

Speaking of which...I've gotten a couple of emails from people who saw my letter in EW. One was a guy saying that he wondered if Greg Dulli would ever be in EW but never thought it would be that way..he was referring to my email addy which is Heh.

The other one I got last night was this guy congratulating me on having my letter published and saying he lived in Charlotte too. He said he'd like to meet and hang out sometime. From his writing style I got the impression he was either a teenager or just a bad speller. So I wrote back thanking him and such. Then I said that it was kinda funny that someone as old as I am was commenting on someone so much younger than me. I was hoping he would get the message that way. I've met a few guys from the internet before and it has never worked out. Thrice bitten forever shy.

I have a book on ebay. Just look under my username "Judois". Its the newest James Patterson book, a romance not a thriller. So if you're interested..go bid!

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