Back from Charleston [ 2004-07-18, 9:38 p.m. ]

I am watching "Six Feet Under" right now. What the hell is going on? This episode sucks major ass.

I came home a few hours ago from visiting my sister in Charleston. I arrived Thursday afternoon and my sis and I went to an Italian place to eat. (My BIL is training for instrument flying). Between the two of us we managed to spend, including tip, $75! Good God. We were pretty amazed.

We then headed over to the Blockbuster to rent a movie for the night. But we ended up looking at the used dvds that were for sale, 2 for $20. I bought Mona Lisa Smile and School of Rock. And they had a new copy of Coal Miner's Daughter for $14.99. It has commentary by Sissy Spacek and the director. I love that movie so much.

On Friday, my sis and I went to a plantation house on the Santee River about 45 miles from her house. Its the Hopsewee Plantation and the house is still original from about 1740. Really interesting and its surrounded by beautiful live oak trees with moss hanging from them. There are still a couple of original slave cabins. They've started excavating the foundations of some other slave cabins. The owners of the main house are doing it with some volunteers, no grant money or anything. I can highly recommend going. Its interesting historically and just a beatiful site, being right on the river.

Later on, we went back and met my BIL at the movie theatre to watch Spiderman 2. I loved it! I actually cried during a scene which made my sister laugh. I can't help it though. I've loved the whole Spiderman thing since I was a kid and Tobey Maguire does a great job playing Peter Parker/Spidey.

After that we went to a Southwestern grill place where you go up to the counter and tell them how you want your burrito/fajita/taco etc.., done. I decided on the fajitas and unfortunately its named "Fat Sam". I get a plateful of the fixins for the fajitas and another plate with the warmed up tortillas. I noticed that my sis and her hubby weren't eating that much (they'd had popcorn at the movie and I rarely eat at the movies). I said "Why does the fat chick have to get a meal called Fat Sam and she gets two big platefuls of food?".

On Saturday we went downtown. We visited the Old Exchange building that a Provost Dungeon in the cellar. Its very interesting and full of history. George Washington visited there among other cool facts. Pirates were thrown into the dungeon as well as rebellious Colonialists.

We stayed in that night and watched my copy of Mona Lisa Smile.

I put off leaving today because it was raining very hard plus I was watching the end of the British Open. Finally left at 2:30. I had bought while I was there the book on cd of The Jane Austen Book Club. That kept me company on the way up and made the time go by pretty well.

Good to be back even though I love visiting my sis and Charleston. I have Monday and Tuesday yay for that. I'm going to a cheapo movie with my other sis tomorrow night. Going to see 13 Going on 30. Later, folks.

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