The Godfather... [ 2004-07-23, 12:38 a.m. ]

I watched (on tape) last night, the first episode of the Denis Leary FX show Rescue Me. A very powerful and engrossing show. But it also had moments of lightness. After all, Denis got his start as a stand-up comedian. I've loved him for at least 15 years now. I used to work with a guy who kinda looked like him and acted a bit like him. I had a small crush on him and my crush on Denis Leary is never-ending.

People that you know from online message boards...don't you always picture them as perfect looking? I mean, the ones who always sound intelligent and funny? And then when you see that they aren't "perfect looking"..meaning Hollywood version..its kinda comforting. I know that sounds superficial but hey, that's me. But what's cool is that how they present themselves in a message board is really how they are inside...intelligent,kind and funny and ultimately beatiful.

Oh, how profound I be. Oh nertz to ya.

That's why when I met a guy online and then met him in real life..I was not disappointed. He was tall and overweight but had a cute face. I liked him and was attracted to him. But he didn't reciprocate once he met me in person. So..well..he missed out on a good thing. That's what I keep telling myself.

Exciting news at work. We now have portable phones! Of course when they were trying to explain to me how they work, I said "I feel like an 80 year old and the computer has just been invented." meaning I felt like it was too complicated for me to learn. I know its a phone but still..there's the paging system and putting people on hold. Ok ok. I know I now sound stupid. I'm still figuring out my cell phone.

Here's my result from a quiz..this is rather acurate and scary at the same time.

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