Lighting candles [ 2004-07-29, 6:31 p.m. ]

Last night I shoulda gone to bed at 10pm but I wanted to watch John Edwards make his speech. It was fantastic and worth staying up for. And then, of course, I had to stay up and watch The Daily Show. Brilliant as well.

I am on the list and got an email today. They have a Kerry Kit with a dvd that has 15 minutes of this movie that was made about his war days and later. Plus some other material. They are giving away 100,000 of them so I ordered one up and then donated $10 so they can give away 3 more. The convention is really getting my blood going. If I was a Catholic I would be lighting candles and saying novenas (if that's the right term...I'm a Methodist/Presbyterian from way back) so Kerry is elected. *jumps down off of soapbox*

Work today was ok up till about a half hour before I was supposed to leave. I ended up staying an hour late. Oy. I was putting out fires everywhere. I was the senior manager for the day so it was up to me to make all the decisions. Which is fine but why the heck did everything happen so late in my shift?! Sheesh.

I spent about 15 minutes on the phone with this old guy who apparantly likes me and only me to help him. That's cool. No big deal. I really don't understand why other people can't give him good customer service. He's a nice enough guy..just kinda gruff. But the guy is ordering dvds of opera much of a tough guy can he be? So now I'm his favorite. Heh.

I finally made the cd mix for July. I came up with a theme about rivers and lakes. Its interesting how much water is used as a metaphor in songwriting.

Drop Me in the Water

1.Take Me to the River--the Talking Heads

2.Find the River--REM

3.Somewhere Down the Crazy River--Robbie Robertson

4.The River--Bruce Springsteen

5.Lake Charles--Lucinda Williams


7.The River Rise--Mark Lanegan

8.Sold Me Down the River--the Alarm

9.River--Joni Mitchell

10.River Man--Nick Drake

11.Sail Away--David Gray

12.Pain Lies on the Riverside--Live

13.Wooden Ships--Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young

14.Take Me to the River--Al Green

So I really really like this mix. Its got a nice mood to it. That's all from me for now. Just wanted to come back to add this quiz result. It is pathetically true. (Saw this quiz link on Cat's diary)

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