Its Getting Hot in Here .... [ 2004-07-31, 8:15 p.m. ]

Ya know, I would have an entry every single day if I had something going on in my life. Meh.

Yesterday I had to go to another location of our store that is just a bit north of Charlotte. We, meaning the district stores, were meeting there to discuss the new and exciting (read..sarcasm here) way we are going to be managing the newsstand. Oh, how thrilling. Ya know there was really nothing wrong with the way we were doing things. But here we go...the top brass thinks we should redo it all.

Its not that I don't like change. I can usually go with the flow on most things. But now I have to do all this friggin' "workload planning" crap. Whoopedoo! actually went by pretty quick today. Which was definitely a blessing. I went to my parents' after work and washed clothes and had steak for dinner. Nice way to end my day, I must say.

I had a bad dream Thursday night. I had only been asleep for a few minutes when I woke up from it. In my dream I was working for something like Wells Fargo. The truck was being robbed and I had been blindfolded and put into the backseat of a car. I was being shoved from behind and made to fear for my life. Half of me was thinking "I can get outta this..everything will be ok" and the other half thought "I'm going to die. There is no way out of this. These people are crazy." So, I woke up and had to turn on my front and back porch lights. Took me another hour to get back to sleep.

I am selling my book on cd of The Nanny Diaries on eBay. Go bid on it! Look under the username Judois. My other auction for the book on cd of The Jane Austen Book Club is over $15 now! Yay! It ends tonight so go bid if you want it. I'm offering free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Man, its warm in here. I long for the coolness of October. Sigh.

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