Michael Pitt's thingy [ 2004-08-01, 5:32 p.m. ]

About an hour after I wrote last night's entry, I fell asleep on top of my sheets with the light still on. I was tuckered out. I slept pretty much till 5am, woke up,set my alarm for 6ish and then went back to sleep. It felt good to get a solid night's sleep. It doesn't happen often enough.

Work today was pretty good. For one thing, I don't think I answered the phone one time. Huzzah! I got a ton of things done: wrote another schedule, finished this week's assignment sheets, wrote up the August sales plan,checked in the August sign package. I was there till about 4:15pm but at least I got a lot done.

The other night I got a bit down. I was thinking of Jay once again. Or maybe it was more that I was thinking how tired I am of being without someone special in my life. I'm not one for settling so I've never dated much. I find that special guy just by getting to know them first by being friends. It happens rarely. So I'm a bit of a loner from the outside. And frankly, most of the time I'm perfectly fine with being alone. But when somebody like Kathy visits me or I spend some time with Michael...I know that I barricade myself in the apartment too much. I feel like a hermit sometimes.

Change of subject.

I really need to go see the latest Harry Potter movie. I have Wednesday and Thursday off so I am planning on going one of those days. I can't believe I haven't seen it yet.

Speaking of movies, I watched The Dreamers the other night. It stars Michael Pitt (from Hedwig & the Angry Inch and Murder by Numbers), whom I just adore. He's sexy in an androgynous type of way. Although in this movie you get to see his..uh..thingy..and he's definitely ALL MALE. The movie is interesting but lacks much of a plot. Its more of a character study type of thing. Its directed by Bernado Bertolucci (sp?) of "Last Tango in Paris" fame. So its pretty steamy. Its set in Paris in 1968 at the height of the French New Wave film era. If anything, the movie made me want to watch all those movies. So naturally I went to Netflix and added a bunch into my queue.

Y'all take care.

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