- [ 2004-08-03, 1:15 a.m. ]

I think I need help. I was watching Waiting for Guffman a bit ago (thank you for the unexpected pleasure HBO!). And during a scene, I was thinking "Hmm. Eugene Levy looks pretty good in that suede outfit". Oh, man.

So we have another new policy at work. One closing announcement and that one happens at closing...not 15 minutes before to warn people to get their stuff together. All those people who never know when we close are going to get a nice jolt right at closing time. Oy. Fucking home office.

Last night I was sitting at the computer (where else would I be?) and out of the corner of my eye I saw a cockroach moving along the floor. Having hardwood floors, cockroaches can kinda blend which is a bitch and a half. So of course I jumped right up and frantically tried to remember where'd I left the bug spray. Found it and then sprayed the hell outta that muthafucka. I HATE COCKROACHES!!!! Now, granted that's the first one I've seen in a little while but still...I HATE COCKROACHES!!!!

So now I'm paranoid.

I've got the stool song from Waiting for Guffman going through my head.

I want to buy the first season of SCTV on dvd. I loved that show so much when it was on. I really believe I was the only one at my school who watched it back in the day. I was so cool and nobody knew.

Story of my life.

I had a major tension headache today. I took a couple of Excedrin Tension Headache pills at 2:30 and then some more at 6:30. The headache finally went away around 9pm. Fun.

I have The Nanny Diaries on cd for sale on eBay. Look under my username there, Judois. Go bid on it! You know you want it!!

Last night I was so bored that I read all my entries from the beginning till just after the new year. I'm not always fascinating but I was cracking myself up at least. And that's all I need. Just to amuse me. If I amuse anyone else, that's extra.

I'm off like a dirty shirt. [/Duckie]

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