Everybody must get stoned [ 2004-08-08, 3:06 a.m. ]

Thank God for a different day.

Work today was sooo different from yesterday. It was pretty quiet for the most part. The weather was gorgeous so I don't think most people were in the mood to go shopping. I don't think it got above ..I don't know..85 degrees. Which is warm but without a lot of humidity..it was very nice.

Enough with the weather report.

So anyways...work was better. I got some stuff done and didn't have to answer many calls to the front. Plus, nobody called out sick. Always an improvement.

I went to Media Play (which sells books,movies & music) and bought the dvd of 13 Going on 30 and the cd of the Killers Hot Fuss. I have seen their video on VH1 or MTV of Somebody Told Me and I really liked it. Then I read a review of the album and I remember that the reviewer compared the band's sound to kind of a throwback to Duran Duran and such. Which I love so therefore...what I've listened to is definitely reminiscent of the '80's with a more modern flair.

When I got home after shopping, I watched some of Crime & Punishment in Suburbia on WE. I sort of lost interest even though Conner from Angel was in that movie. That boy or rather man, since he's about 25 now, looks like Peter Pan. And I mean that in a good way.

I switched channels and watched the end of the Braves/D'backs game (Braves Won,Yay!).

So after the game was over, I laid down and fell asleep. That was about 7pm. I woke up at about 11:30pm. I really believe in long, long naps. I could build a religion around them. Wear a small mattress around my neck.

I got up and made some food and then watched 13 Going on 30 with the director's commentary. I didn't realize that was the same director who did Tadpole, which I saw in the theatre and really liked. Cool. He was a bit too self-depricating in his commentary but this was his first big feature film so I think that's to be expected. It also has a producer's commentary which I'll listen to eventually. And a bunch of other extras.

On Tuesday, there is a special edition 2-disc of The Lost Boys coming out!! I'm so damn excited!! It will have director's commentary, a making of doc and a retrospective etc.. I saw this movie in the theatre 3 times. And listened to the soundtrack incessantly. Plus, it reminds me of major partying and getting completely stoned. Good times..good times.

Tomorrow I'm off from work. Doing the usual of visiting the 'rents, washing clothes and mooching dinner. I'm full of spontaneity. I have no idea if I'm spelling that right. Diaryland needs spellcheck.

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