Riding on the Metro.... [ 2004-08-15, 4:47 a.m. ]

I just finished watching Band of Outsiders. It came out in 1964 and was directed by Jean-Luc Goddard. If you don't like art house movies don't bother. But I absolutely loved it. I think I may need to own this movie.

It really did make me feel like I was born in the wrong time and place. I was yearning to be in my twenties in Paris in the 1960's. I was inspired to watch it after watching The Dreamers. I also have Breathless to watch, another Goddard film. I saw the remake that Richard Gere did back in the early '80's. I liked it but I have never seen the original and that one is a classic of French New Wave films.

Today my Mom and I went to the used bookstore but they couldn't use any of my Mom's books at all. Spines broken yada yada yada. My Mom wasn't feeling too hot (tummy problems) so we just went back to her house and all of us watched the Braves game (we won!). We are now 8 games ahead in the NL-East.

And later on we watched a pre-season game of the Panthers up in Washington. Again..we won! Yay!!

The hurricane didn't really do much to central North Carolina and thankfully, didn't hit too hard on the coast. I'm doubly grateful that it didn't do much to Charleston, where Christy lives. Hurricane Hugo, which hit back in '91, was so devestating to that area. It would be awful if something hit that hard again anytime soon. I feel so bad for those people down in Florida.

My plans for Sunday? I may go out and get a paper. I'm thinking of subscribing to it. I really don't get much of a chance to read the paper at work and we don't get a discount on the paper either. I figure with the election coming up and the football season starting..it would be nice to have my own paper delivered to my door.

Other plans. I'm going to watch Kill Bill Vol.2 and Breathless. And maybe a little cleaning up if I get inspired to do so. Cross your fingers.

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