Hello from Hooverville [ 2004-08-18, 12:02 a.m. ]

Today was a run-off election day. Why wasn't I told? Second election day that I've missed because of my lack of knowledge of there even being an election day coming up! I live in a vacuum. Hello from Hooverville.

Guess what I did today at work. I spilled some Diet Coke down one side of my shirt. Not a happy camper was I. I had to go all the way home during rush hour traffic to change shirts. Fun.

It was needy customer day at work today. I don't mind so much the people in the store needing help. But the asshats who insist on calling the store. Those are the ones who get on my nerves. I should have known it was going to be one of those days when I walked in. My boss, Jeff, said "We're going for a world's record on the phone today!" Yippee. :p

I bought the newest Entertainment Weekly because it has a preview of all the Fall movies coming out. I love this time of year. At least entertainment wise. I'll like the weather in about a month or so. In NC, it won't cool down till then. I love wearing sweaters and bundling up under blankets.

I saw the cutest thing at work that I have to buy for my sisters and me. I'll give them to my sisters for Christmas. Its a reproduction of the 1957 Betty Crocker cookbook for boys and girl. Its sooo cute. I love that kind of thing. I also bought a few days ago for my sisters (for Christmas) a small metal lunchbox with matching thermos that has the Dick and Jane motif with nostalgic candy inside. My Christmas presents to them are going to be so great. For once I'm buying ahead of time. At least for them.

Speaking of buying...don't forget I have two advanced reader copies on sale at eBay. Diane Mott Davidson's next book and Christopher Moore's next book. I'd keep them myself but I don't read either of these authors. But I know they are popular. They just don't do it for me. Of course I can't seem to read anything lately except magazines. I really have to get out of this non-reading rut.

Au revoir.

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