Hiya!!!!!!!! [ 2004-08-17, 12:45 a.m. ]

Two entries in one day! Wowzer!

I just finished watching Kill Bill Vol.2. What can I say? I loved that movie. David Carradine is so great and of course, Uma rocks. Quentin really needs to make movies more often. I'm glad we got two movies in less than a year from him but they were really one movie with two parts. I love his imagination and creativity. I watched the making of featurette and he referenced Deathrace 2000 when talking about David Carradine. I reference that movie ALL THE FUCKING TIME! I really need to be making movies with QT. Ah..if only my life had been different.

Movies like Kill Bill and the first Charlie's Angels movie really make me want to learn martial arts. Its such a beautiful and useful art. After seeing the first Charlie's Angel movie, I was jumping around kicking my leg out and making the "hiya!" sound. I'm really 12 years old.

I think I need to own Vol.1 & 2 on dvd. Definitely.

I just heard that one of my favorite movies, that I haven't seen in a looong time, is finally coming out on dvd. Its Richard Linklater's first movie, Slacker. If you've never seen this movie, you must rent it. So offbeat and cool.

I have two items up for sale on eBay. Hopefully, these links will work. Go bid and give me money!

Diane Mott Davidson's next book and Christopher Moore's next book


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