Y'all come back now, ya hear [ 2004-08-20, 12:18 a.m. ]

I should be sleeping right now. Of course, I'm not. Unless I'm dreaming this. Somebody pinch me.

The top of the handle on my fridge came loose a few days ago. So every time I pull on the handle to open the door, its like I'm playing a practical joke on myself.

Today was my day off. Which I didn't do a whole lot with but it was nice to have the day off. I went to my parents' and watched a pre-season game between the Panthers and the Giants. Panthers won. Yay! I actually came back home at the start of the 4th quarter thinking I should be home and wind down so I can get some sleep. Uh huh. Sure.

On my drive home I encountered all the bad drivers who didn't care to watch the game. I swear to God. I was trying to listen to the game on the radio while at the same time swearing at all the people around me. Of course my windows were up. I'm not that stupid. I give people the finger but only under the dashboard. It makes me feel a bit better even though they can't see it. The drive to and from my parents' place isn't that bad in the day time. But all the people who like to cruise around in there "souped up" cars come out at night. Fuckers.

I was watching The Daily Show a little while ago. Lord knows I love that show and Jon Stewart. But can someone please tell me why he would say "If you ever hear me say the word 'y'all'"..then made a cartoon noise like zoink. I don't understand why Northerners think that word is so awful. Every part of the country has a phrase/word/accent that sets them apart. It doesn't mean that I would think it so bad if I started saying it or talking like that. Sheesh. Part of me says he was just kidding. But the other part knows he wasn't. And all of me knows that as a Southerner I should be used to be looked down upon.

Sorry to go on that tangent. But it bugs.

Time to pimp my eBay items! Go bid on:Christopher Moore's next book and Diane Mott Davidson's next book.

Thank you and goodnight.

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