I did it again [ 2004-08-21, 11:22 p.m. ]

Ya know how yesterday I fell asleep in the afternoon and woke up later that evening? Uh. I did it again. Yes. I did. I fell asleep around 4:30pm and woke up close to 9:30pm. I was dog tired so I was going to take a nap anyway but I set my alarm so I'd wake up after an hour. I don't really remember turning off the alarm. Sigh.

Work today, while not awful, was difficult because of how exhausted I was. I had to re-do the Sept. managers' schedule because 1)Amy is going to college and needs a more set schedule, which fucking blows. I support her right to go back but it blows for the rest of us. And 2)Jonathan had put in a vacation request without telling me so. Gah!!

I just balled up my rough draft and threw it away and started over. I let Jonathan know, in a nice way, that I wasn't pleased that he wrote down his vacation without clearing it first.

There is some good news at work. James, the guy who is in charge of the kids section, is going to part time because he found another job. We are all very happy about this since he tends to be a slacker about keeping his section organized and whatnot. He's also the one who started all that trouble back in December that madeTammy end up quitting.

Oooh...male swimmers...woah. Sorry. Got a bit distracted.

Uhhh...woohoo. Nothing like a swimmer's build.

Tall and lean and aerodynamic.

I work once again tomorrow and afterwards will be going to my parents' for the usual clothes washing and food.

I'm off on Monday and I'm planning on going to see a couple of movies. I have some free passes that run out at the end of August so I want to use'em up. You can't use the passes for brand new movies so I'd like to The Village and Farenheit 9/11.

Last night around 2am I went into the bathroom. I looked up and saw high up on the wall a huge cockroach. ARGH!! I grabbed my big jug o'bug spray and sprayed at it. And it immediately flew right towards my head. Freaking me the hell out. I'm surprised my neighbor didn't pound on the wall to see if I was ok. I hunted it down like Ripley in Alien and sprayed the fuck outta that stupid thing and then crushed it with a tennis shoe. Which is still sitting there on the floor. It takes me a while to work up the nerve to clean up after these things. Eww.

I'm going to call my landlord on Monday and ask that someone do something about weather stripping or whatever around the window in the shower. I think that's where they're coming in. At least I think and hope so. I don't need to think about where else they are coming in. *shudder*

Well, pray that I get more sleep tonight. Later. Oh,wait! Go bid on my books on eBay!! Gimme! Go bid on the next Christopher Moore book and the next Diane Mott Davidson book.

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