Shopping till I drop [ 2004-08-24, 12:45 a.m. ]

I actually did something today. Amazing but true.

But the day got started a bit late. I was supposed to be at the store at 7am for the weekly manager meeting. Well, I took a couple sleeping pills last night so I was pretty groggy when my alarm went off. I listened to the radio for a few minutes then turned it off. And promptly fell asleep again. Woke up again and it was just before 7am. Oy. Got to the store,after calling to say I would be late,at 7:40am. Oh,well. It was my turn to oversleep for the meeting, I guess. Every week it seems like one of us shows up late for the meeting.

I hung around the store for about an hour after the meeting since I wanted to go to the mall and it didn't open till 10am. Once I got there I went to the Easy Spirit shoe store and bought some work shoes that were actually on sale which was cool. I picked a perfect time for shopping at the mall. Monday morning. I loved it.

Then I went to Hot Topic which was next door to the shoe place. It has all those things that I wish a store had had when I was growing up. Punky jewelry,retro crap (strawberry shortcake etc..), fairie stuff and t-shirts and whatnot. I spent about $25 there. Two pairs of earrings, a pendant and couple of Office Space items (sticky notes and a pin). I'm going to send those to Kathy and Robert since we love talking about that movie.

After I left that store I went to the mall directory to find Lane Bryant. While I was standing there I saw this young guy, kinda cute in a punky way, standing there who obviously worked for one of those survey companies. He came up to me and asked if I'd be interested and that I would get $5 for about 20 minutes of my time. At first my inclination was to say "no" like I always do to those things. I did one of those one time but it was a long time ago. But then I thought "hell,I have nowhere urgent to be". So I did the survey. It was about body washes which is right up my alley since I love going to Bath & Body Works to smell all the scents.

I followed him a few stores down to the survey office. Sat down at a computer and opened small bottle at at time to sniff them. Rated them as in "did this have enough vanilla?" "was the scent too strong?" and so on. I did my part for all the vanilla/orchid loving body wash people.

After that I went to Lane Bryant and got a couple of pants that were on sale and a shirt. I needed more than one shirt but nothing left from the clearance rack really caught my eye.

I got back into my car and thought about what movie I wanted to see and where I was going to see it. I decided to go see Garden State at the movie theatre near my neighborhood. But I had some time to kill since the first showing wasn't till 2pm and it was about 12:15pm.

I decided to go to one of my favorite places, Manifest Cds. Huge record store with a big selection of rock (mainly alternative) but they have just about everything. Plus a lot of used cds. Going from the mall is a way I haven't been for a while so when I popped onto I-485 (the loop around town)I went right past my exit. Gah. The next exit wasn't till I-77 splits off so I took it north and plopped off onto Arrowwood Rd. I was pretty sure it crossed South Blvd. (the street where Manifest is) at some point.

I was beginning to feel a panicy feeling when I realized where I was and that I was getting to the intersection. Yay! I was on the cell phone to Mandy and she picked up right as I realized where I was. I was going to get her to navigate for me. But anyway we ended up making plans for dinner on her birthday on Thursday. She loves going to Outback Steakhouse so I'm taking her there. She protested that I couldn't afford it. I said "hey, I got $5 for a survey.I'm rollin' in it!". Heh.

Roamed around the record store trying to decide on what to get. Then I wandered over to the used cds and found Rufus Wainwright's first cd and Joe Henry's latest cd "Tiny Voices". I love them both so much I don't know why I didn't have both of those.

The thing about shopping by yourself for the day is that it is so freeing. And at that time of the day and it being a Monday, sales help in the store don't mind taking some time with you. I'm never going shopping on the weekend ever again. Not that I usually do. And being a person who works in a store I sorta knew that that was the best time but I don't work at the mall either.

I stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch and ate it in the car before the theatre opened up. Luckily it wasn't too hot outside. I listened to my Alice Hoffman audiotape at the same time. Only 2 cds left of the 10.

The Manor theatre is an old one. I'm not sure quite how old but it was around when my parents lived close to it back in the late '50's. It used to be one big theatre but it has two screens now. I think that happened back in the '70's. Its so different from your multiplex theatres. More intimate and it usually has more art house fare.

I really enjoyed Garden State. I thought it was a great directorial debut by Zach Graff. Well-acted and for the most part, well-written. I really could relate to his character. Numbing yourself to pain is something I'm familiar with. I can't wait for the dvd to come out of this.

I got home around 5pm after stopping at the drug store. Ate leftover beef stew and I also duct taped the window in my shower. And put Borax on the outide ledge. Borax kills roaches because of the tiny crystals in it. I don't know how but it does. I've heard this from several people. So I'm hoping for now that I can relax about huge ass cockroaches getting into my place.

I, of course, fell asleep at 7pm. I had had such a headache that I needed to close my eyes. Between the Excedrin Tension Headache meds (thank you Excedrin people for inventing that) and the nap, my headache went away. I feel soo much better now. Luckily I don't have to go to work till 3:30 tomorrow so for once the nap will not backfire on me.

I sold my two books on eBay! One of them went for $10.50 and other for around $15. Yay!!!! Helping to pay for my shopping spree.

One of my favorite lines from Garden State was (paraphrasing) "I guess family is really a bunch of people missing the same imaginary place". So true.

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