There's Novacaine in my iced tea! [ 2004-08-27, 9:01 p.m. ]

The used bookstore in my neighborhood is evil. Evil, I say. I went in there after work today. I know. I work in a bookstore. Go figure. But this is a used bookstore. Big selection and good prices.

I was bringing a few books in to trade and the book on cd of The Probable Future that I just finished. Before I even got in the door, I had already picked out a couple of $1 books. The lady at the counter gave me $16 in credit. So I looked around. FOR OVER AN HOUR. Its like the black hole in that place. I could've been in there forever.

What I ended up getting (and still had over $7 left in credit for next time!):

-trade paperback of The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve for $1

-trade paperback of While I Was Gone by Sue Miller for $1

-a mass market version of Alice Hoffman's Turtle Moon for 50 cents!

-and my big splurge-a trade paperback of Jennifer Weiner's Good in Bed for $5.95

Yay for thrifty shopping!

I couldn't make a decision on getting an audiobook. I'm going to have to look at work and find something reasonably priced. Audiobooks new are too damn expensive but at least I get a discount.

I swear to God I don't have a crush on the new guy,Justin. But I heard that he had asked out Erin, another cafe worker. I don't know if she accepted. But I felt a bit of a "well,crap" type of reaction. Go figure. I have no idea. The boy is only 23 years old. He looks like Matt Damon (with acne, poor guy) and is very personable. We talk about music and whatnot. I can make him laugh. But he's a boy. A boy. A boy. *slaps self upside the head*

I was sitting in the cafe during lunch and Justin was taking lunch at the same time. I had gotten a take-out lunch from the restaurant nearby plus an iced tea. The tea tasted funny and I couldn't really figure out what the heck was the deal. It wasn't too strong or too sweet. I think maybe the dispenser it was in needed to be cleaned. All that caffeine leaves residue.

Anyways I turned to Justin and said "I think my iced tea has novacaine in it". He was eating his sandwich and almost choked he started laughing so hard. It was such a random thing to say out loud.

Oy. I need to stop this line of thinking. I'm not really attracted to him. But I think I just miss having someone to talk about music with. Someone different to pay attention to me. How sad is that.

Tomorrow I work yet again. I'll be going over to the 'rents to eat dinner, wash clothes and watch another pre-season game of the Panthers vs.the Patriots.

Sunday, I'm off. Then after that I have 5 days till my vacation starts. Thank God.


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