Mouseketeer! [ 2004-08-30, 10:31 p.m. ]

Stupid thunderstorm. I thought my power was going to go out. Yesterday, on my way home from my parents' house, I drove through a really bad rainstorm because of that stupid Hurricane Gaston. So much water on the road and I was afraid that my brakes were going to get wet. I was so damn paranoid. I HATE driving in that weather.

I went to the record store, yet again, today. That's getting to be a habit lately. I bought the Shins cd Chutes and Narrows. Its in the car so that's what I think the title is. Their two songs on the Garden State sdtrk are great. Of course I listened to that sdtrk this morning and I had another song stuck in my head the whole dang day, Zero 7's In the Waiting Line. What a great song! I must have one of their cds! Must!

Speaking of this morning...I have GOT to get a new alarm clock. I've had this radio alarm clock for maybe 20 years. I set the alarm last night (and of course only got 3 hours of sleep,keeping up with the insomnia theme) and I don't think it went off till almost a half hour later. And then I couldn't get it to turn off. Ended up unplugging the thing. Argh.

I called to start my newspaper subscription for tomorrow. I'm strangely excited! Woohoo! The newspaper! It doesn't take a lot to get me pumped.

My Mom called me today to tell me that my son(my cat), Maddux, had caught and killed a mouse. If you remember, I wrote in here a couple days ago that it looked like he was stalking something. And he was! What a good mouser! He was going after another one but it got away so he's still on the prowl. My Mom said that Mandy said that mice usually come in to houses in pairs. My Mom said that if Maddux didn't kill that first mouse himself, that the mouse had a heart attack when he saw the size of Maddux. heh.

I love Whose Line is it Anyway?. I can watch that show one after the other. Colin and Ryan rock.

I really should watch one of those movies from Netflix that I have. I've got Punch Drunk Love, Chocolat and The Cider House Rules. Sheesh. I should watch one of them tonight because,hell, I don't have much else to do.

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