Leave me alone. [ 2004-09-02, 3:31 a.m. ]

I really need for these next two work days to be over. NOW. I'm getting very impatient with everyone at work, co-workers and customers alike. Just leave me alone. Leave me alone!!

I read over 100 pages at least last night of Good in Bed. I almost wrote "God in Bed". That's a completely different book. And I'm going to hell for that one.

Anyways...even though she has some cliched things in there (father left the family when she was a kid..feels like no man will ever love her..yada yada yada..pop psychologycakes) reading it was like smoking crack. Not that I know what that's like. But I couldn't stop. It was after 6am when I finally put down the book and went to sleep.

Plus I was thinking that last night was the last night till Monday night that I'll be able to do that kind of thing. I work a midshift tomorrow (11-7:30) and I open on Friday. Then I have to get up in the morning on Sat. to drive to the lake house and I'll be coming back early Monday afternoon. At least I hope I'll be doing all that on the weekend since who knows what Hurricane Francis will do to Charleston. Christy and Kevin are in limbo right now.

I have gmail,people. I'm so hip that I don't even need to explain what that is. Ok, I will. Its the new google email thingy that is in beta right now and you have to get invites to do it. Luckily, someone on my fave message board gave me one. Yay! I like the layout better than hotmail. Unfortunately,since I paid for the banner-free and more storage for a year thing on hotmail (a whopping $19)I don't want to cancel that one at this time. But I think slowly over the next year, if the gmail things works out ok, I'll move my mail over to that.

I think next week I'm going to go see Garden State again. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie again in the theatre. Its been a long time. That soundtrack has hypnotized me. Must.See.Movie.Again.

But I'd also like to see a few others with my free time next week. Vanity Fair is playing at the same theatre and I'd really like to see that one. Plus, I still want to see The Village and Farenheit 9/11.


I have to drop off my rent check tomorrow. Must remember. I think my money is going to be tight once again this month because of car insurance due and I have to straighten out my payment to the CCC. I didn't send one in August which,even though it left me with some extra money,was stupid. I've been getting those wonderfully harassing phone calls from my creditors. Ugh. I don't care though. That Monday was totally worth it,shopping (mainly for things I actually needed) and seeing a movie that has really affected me. I wouldn't trade that. I know I've been buying music a lot too but again. I don't care. I'll figure something out.

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