We've got debris! [ 2004-09-07, 2:43 p.m. ]

Its a nice rainy day here. Although a county or so to the west is under a tornado watch or warning. Which sucks. I used to live in Memphis,TN, part of tornado alley, and having to do tornado drills ALL THE TIME at school. And on tv they were constantly issuing tornado warnings. I got so paranoid. I remember having nightmares about it. I was lucky enough though to never experience a tornado. Watching the movie Twister is the closest I want to get to one. I start hyper-ventilating whenever there is a really bad thunderstorm just at the thought of being in a tornado.

I watched The Cider House Rules last night. I know its been out for 5 years but I'm just now getting around to it. I liked it a lot. Tobey Maguire has such a nice understated way of acting. He doesn't overact and when he shows strong emotion it really has an impact. He made me cry in Spiderman 2. Yes,I'm a big softie.

I had a nice dream last night. I walked into a restaurant/bar place with Adam Brody and Benjamin McKenzie. Now,in my dream I'm not sure if they were Seth and Ryan or just themselves. But it was a very nice dream. I was hanging out with them and drinking. (Please don't think about how old I am. That dream was just too sweet for me to care)

I read some of Weetzie Bat last night. About half of it actually. I like Block's writing style. Its goofy and direct at the same time.

I still have two movies from Netflix to watch: Chocolat and Paycheck. But right now I'm watching the local news because they broke in to "As the World Turns" to let everyone know about these tornado watches/warnings. Ugh.

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