Geeked Out [ 2004-09-08, 1:48 p.m. ]

I'm chock full of Oreos.

It would not stop raining yesterday. We had a tornado watch till 7 this morning. Argh. So of course I was a bit paranoid and couldn't get to sleep.

I finished reading Weetzie Bat. What a dreamy and sweet novel. I highly recommend it. Now I can't figure out what to read next. I think I'll go back to reading Mary Morris's The Waiting Room.

I took a long nap yesterday. The rain demanded I do so. It was soooo nice to just lay there and doze away. Today though I got up and took a shower and washed my hair. Cleaned the kitchen and then made lunch. I do plan on doing some cleaning up in my bedroom. Its quite a mess.

I geeked out earlier and was watching MSNBC and then the Government channel. The Genesis probe was coming back to Earth and it was supposed to have a parachute come out to slow its process. Unfortunately, the parachute didn't come out and crashed into the desert in Utah. Oy. I haven't seen any updates about if any of the "science" in it was retrievable. It was taking samples near the Sun that were pretty important for research info.

I'm watching right now a special on ESPN for their 25th anniversary. I used to love to watch SportsCenter back in the Dan Patrick/Keith Olberman days. Its just not the same now.

I need to check on when my contract expires at Cingular. It should be very soon. I think I'm going to upgrade my phone. I don't think reception is great for anybody in my neighborhood but a better phone might help. Plus,I want a flip-phone. Gimme.

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