Remember [ 2004-09-12, 12:26 a.m. ]

On a day like today I'm glad I spent it with my parents. I did get invited to go with Michael and some other people to the Greek Festival. But I had already planned on going to my parents' and well, I just wasn't in the mood for it.

I did tell Michael that I'd like to go out to dinner at the end of the week. So that'll be good. I don't like being out of touch with him.

I have this thing about watching a lot of these 9/11 specials. I don't know why exactly. Maybe it just helps me in some way. I think about that day every single day in some degree or another. I'm lucky that I didn't know anybody who was killed but I don't think that matters. Meaning that I think its okay to still be affected by that day. Its not debilatating or anything. I'm not that bad about it.

I came back into the country from Canada two days before 9/11. I was in a wonderful mood having just seen the boy that I was halfway in love with. So maybe the place I was in then made me more open. And now I'm rambling. Sorry.

I don't like it when people excuse the way they feel. The way you feel is the way you feel. Too bad if others don't like it.

Tomorrow is the next to last day of my vacation. I plan on cleaning out the fridge and watching football at the same time. Yay! It will be quite a chore. I haven't cleaned it out in some time. I would also like to clean the oven. Which I've never done before. Eep. How embarrassing.

I was at the grocery store on my way home tonight and had to see somebody I knew. Luckily it was somebody that I could just say "Hi!" to and carry on. I had no makeup on and looked like a schlub. Why?! I could be all dolled up and not see anybody I know or would want to know.

I got Cold Mountain today from Netflix. I may watch some of it later on. I know its a long movie so I don't know about watching it in one sitting. Although Jude Law is a good incentive plus there's Jack White.

Monday night is the first Monday Night Football game. Its going to be in town with the Panthers playing the Packers. We're all soooo excited! I'm going over to my parents to watch it. Its hard to watch the Panthers play when you're alone. I have to do a lot of shouting and having a duplex neighbor makes you have to watch how loud you are. Which is very, usually.

Ta ta.

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