So tell me a little about yourself [ 2004-09-13, 12:52 a.m. ]

Because I basically did nothing today, I stole this quiz from my dear Cat. Enjoy. Or don't.


1. A smell that makes you pause:Patchouli

2. A country you would like to explore:Scotland

3. Regardless of size or circumstance, an animal you would like for a pet:Horse

4. A game you like to play: Gin,Trivial Pursuit,Scrabble

5. Music you listen to when you are alone:Radiohead

6. A monument you would like to have a view of from your room: Eiffel Tower

7. Your favorite place to sit: My bed

8. What you most like to do on Sunday:Pretty much what I did today. Read the paper,watched sports,ate food.

9.You live in a: duplex (a house that was built back in the '30's, I love it so much)

10. Something important on your desk:Not on it but next to it are my login names and passwords for various sites

11. In your closet, you hide:All my junk or most of it

12. If you could afford it right now, you would buy: A new car

13. A lie you tell yourself: I'll start that diet tomorrow

14. One person you have killed in your thoughts:Carletta Mitchum,the girl in 7th grade who made my life a living hell.

15. If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to: morphine

16. Describe God: loving

17. How you picture the end of the world: hopefully not painful for the ones who are here for it

18. Do you believe a person is defined by what he/she does for a living?nope

19. The worst crime against humanity:the Holocaust and countless other times in history and now when people are persecuted

20. The minimum punishment for those who rape should be:I dont' know but they shouldn't be let out before people who do crimes that don't harm people directly

21. You would fight in a war if: I needed to although I doubt that they would want an overweight,out of shape almost 40 year old woman

22. Three things you like about your mother:1.her sense of humor 2.her empathy 3.her curiousity

23. If you didn't know your parents, would you choose them as your mother and father? Of course I would

24. What two famous people would you choose to be your parents? Assuming it could be anyone famous,I'd go with James Stewart and Kate Hepburn

25. Something you wish for your father:good health

26. The friend you miss the most: Tanya

27. A friend who has done something horrible but you have forgiven:Helen

28. Where would you banish your worst enemy to? Someplace hot where it never cools off..maybe some jungle in South America

29. A friend you will see in hell: All the people I used to party with back in the day

30. A friend you will see in heaven:Most of them I'm sure I will

31. You are embarrassed when others:are rude to people in the service industry

32. Others are embarrassed when you:I don't know. I'm never embarrassing!

33. The greatest amount of emotional pain you have endured:when my friend,Helen,went behind my back and started dating the man she knew I was in love with

34. The greatest amount of physical pain you have endured: kidney stones,two of them. Morphine was my friend.


35. You like to cook: Yes,but I like baking better

36. You like crossword puzzles:Yes but I'm not great at them

37. You wait until the last minute to fill your car with gas: Not usually

38. You like America: Yep

39. You can remember jokes:Unfortunately,no. I'm funny by just being a smartass.

40. You talk in your sleep:I have no idea

41. You recycle small batteries: No

42. You shave regularly:Uh..

43. You often get headaches: Almost everyday

44. You believe in destiny:Yes

45. You have taken a vacation alone:Yes

46. You apologize more often than you hold a grudge: I think so

47. You drank mother's milk:Yes

48. You hate parties:Sometimes

49. You enjoy being photographed: No

50. Life treats you well:It could be worse


51. Geniuses:Einstein,Bell,Sedaris

52. Inventions:electricity,the phonograph,flight

53. Favorite words:Chrismukkah,incandescent,patina

54. Things you would never do:care about wearing white after Labor Day,have a big wedding,say no to George Clooney

55. Regrets: staying at my job for this long,not losing weight and keeping it off, not finding that special someone who will love me back

56. People you would like present at your last meal: My family,friends,George Clooney

57. People you would like present at your funeral: I want to be cremated so therefore a memorial would be on a mountain top in the Blue Ridge. The people at my last meal would be there. Ok,it doesn't really matter who is there but I still want George Clooney to regret never asking me out.

58. People you would like with you on a stranded island: Uh..George Clooney,Jake Gylenhall,Greg Dulli. Just so they could all take turns on me.

59. Things you fear:Becoming a pathetic loveless old woman and/or dying in my sleep and nobody finding me for days after,roaches,spiders

60. Reasons to commit suicide:global nuclear annihilation,finding out your whole family has died all at once,knowing my future is as pathetic as it seems sometimes

61. Reasons to get married: I'm gonna go with love,lust,money

62. Occupations:singer in a band,columnist,writer in lala land

63. Songs that make you sentimental:the Sinatra song that goes "When I was 17",any song by Radiohead,David Gray's "Please Forgive Me"

64. Qualities that make you envious:an educated mind,someone who isn't socially retarded, selflessness

65. Things that make you happy:the weekend after Christmas when my family all gets together,seeing a really good movie,talking with my friends

66. Lessons you have learned the hard way: go after what you want when you want them,don't use credit cards,don't lie to yourself

67. Books you wish to read: The Once and Future King by T.H.White, War and Peace by Dosteosky (I know that spelling is wrong) and finally finish The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.


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