A place called home [ 2004-09-21, 6:04 p.m. ]

I watched Cold Mountain last night. I really liked it though it was a bit long. It was beautifully shot and the acting was well done. Especially Jude Law. And I loved seeing Jack White playing Georgia. He's so fab. Spoiler alert:...I really was not expecting the ending with Jude Law's character dying. What a bummer. Though the final scene was very nice with everyone around the table.

I also watched The Passion of the Christ this afternoon. I don't know what I was expecting. I know it was supposed to be good. But it was also very powerful. It really moved me to tears. I don't know how many times I could watch that movie though. Its so hard to watch with those scenes of torture.

If anything, that movie makes me want to go to church. I know that's not a popular thing to do with most people on the 'net. I'm a quietly religious person. I grew up Methodist/Presbyterian. We tend to not force our beliefs on others as a general rule. But I haven't been a regular churchgoer in several several years. And I miss it. I have been feeling like something is really missing from my life and that is part of it. A place to keep me grounded. Now I just have to find the right church.

I promise to not to be preachy so don't worry. The same ol' sarcastic,weird Judith is not going anywhere. Plus, I promise to still swear.

I'm adding this comment a few minutes later. The world news started off with the news about the second beheading of an American this week. I think my reaction to the The Passion was partly because of that news of the beheading which I heard a few minutes before watching the movie. It made me so sad and angry and just wanting some kind of comfort. So for me,personally, turning to my Higher Power is what helps me. I don't know what helps other people who aren't religious, maybe its meditation or just putting bad things out of your head somehow. Whatever keeps you sane and happy is fine by me. My way is different. Not better just different.

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