The wrong side of the bed [ 2004-09-22, 8:38 p.m. ]

The first part of my day was pretty lousy. I had to open by myself (meaning no other manager) and had no head cashier to do the morning paperwork. Naturally, this morning the powers that be send a crew to install the wires and whatnot for the wi-fi system we're going to have. Which I really really really don't want. I just know I'm going to have every idiot asking us questions about something if there is anything wrong. We are not supposed to give these people tech support blah blah blah. But these people will not care. I'm telling you. That's exactly the way its going to be. One more thing for us to have to deal with. And this is going to start up just before the holiday season gets under way. Oh what fun. Except not.

I was so pissed off at these tech people invading my space too. I really got up on the wrong side of the bed which didn't help, I know. At one point one of them come up to me and go "we can't find your dsl". Well, I have no fucking idea. Why don't we ask people who deal with this kind of stuff. Oh,wait. YOU DO. Find it your own damn self. Which they did. Idiots.

Gah. I told you I got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Then my DM tells me that a woman who works at store an hour north of us was found dead in her house. She hadn't shown up for work and since she lives alone, somebody went to check on her. She was in her 30's and seemed healthy. I think that's one of my biggest fears. Dying alone and nobody realizing it for a day or two.

Also, the wife of the man, Jack Hensley, who was beheaded by those terrorists, works for one of our stores down in Georgia. The world is indeed small. I can't seem to get that story out of my head.

I went after work to get my hair cut. Cut off about 2 inches so its a lot healthier now.

I went over to my parents afterwards. My Mom and I were trying to get their tv in the living room to work. I figured that the remote, which is been iffy for a while, needed replacing. Since I was already changed into sloppy t-shirt and shorts, I thought my Dad could go to the Radio Shack which is literally just down the road. He said that he needed to start getting ready for work in about 20 minutes or so. I was joking with him that he didn't need to do that much to get ready and that he could go. Just the usual "Oh,c'mon, you can go!". So my Dad sighs, gets his keys and says "well,I'm not paying for it." My Mom replies "why not?" He slams the keys on the floor and says he never uses that tv, which is only partially true since he insists on still smoking so he sits on the back porch a lot. My Mom is so calm thru this but I'm getting livid. She gives him some money and he goes off to Radio Shack.

I wanted to scream at him to shut up and grow up. God, I hate that. I hate how much of a grumpy old man he can be. I hate that my Mom lets him get away with it. He's not an awful person but I have the hardest time communicating with him and not just because of his hearing.

When he came back, of course we all had to act like everything was just fine. But for me I was glad when he went to work. I hate feeling that way about my own father. But its the truth. I don't know why he was acting that way..maybe not enough sleep or something. But if you didn't want to go..then don't go. Don't act like a fucking martyr.

So now I'm back home. I just watched Lost the new show on ABC about the plane crash. It was pretty good. Much better than I thought. Right now its the first show of the season of Law & Order.

Here's hoping my day is better tomorrow. I think I need more sleep myself.

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