Blobbing out [ 2004-09-25, 9:04 p.m. ]


I actually got some things accomplished at work yesterday and today. Amazing. I finished writing the rough drafts of the yearly reviews. Yay!

Its not like I don't know how to write them. Its just that I felt like there was nothing new to say since last year's review most of the time. So I kept looking at the last one going "Oh,that sounds good. I'll just say that again" Nobody remembers what their review said specifically anyway..not unless it was really bad, I suppose.

I went over to my parents after work. My Dad was still grumpy. I finally realized why. He's quit smoking (at least at telling if he's smoking at work). So naturally..his temper is as short as a baby in diapers. Geez. I do not understand smokers. People who eat too much I understand. Its not like you can just stop eating all together. You have to have food to survive. But cigs? Its not like I've never smoked before. I've smoked while drinking and situations like that but I could never have another cigarette in my life and I wouldn't care. I just hope my Dad hangs tough. He's been smoking since he was 16 and he's 69 years old now.

Ah..sweet freedom. I have tomorrow off. No getting up early unless I can get my butt out of bed to go to church. If I can't do that then I'll watch the service on tv.

I have The Office bonus disc from season 1 to watch. Then season 2 and also the movie Pieces of April.

I need to come in with a leafblower and just clean out my house. I've been trying to keep up with the crap that accumulates in my bedroom. So far so..ok. But the living room..oy. I have a ton of mail on the coffee table. Most of it is junk or almost junk. My plan for tomorrow is to at least get that done and to throw out all the old stuff in my fridge and pantry shelves. I had apples sitting in a small basket that I realized had been there since Kathy and Robert visited..back in late June. I hang my head in shame. That's so embarrasing.

I was going to go to Festival in the Park tomorrow afternoon with Michael. But he went Thursday night and basically didn't feel like going again. I could probably corral somebody to go with me if I really wanted to but...frankly I'd rather hibernate. Its been a long week. I like opening rather than closing but it does take a lot out of me to try and get a decent night sleep. Meaning 5-6 hours for me. Which is really not enough but the best I can do if I'm working in the morning.

I've actually not had tooo much trouble sleeping at night this past week. I may have to change the title of my diary. Fat chance. I think its only temporary.

I am so tempted to go to one of those dating sites on the internet. I've gone to them before as I've posted a while back. But...I would at least like to think I'm making an effort to meet people..meaning men.

I know going to church would be good for meeting new people at least if not men. Its not like I think of church as a singles bar,for crying out loud. I know they have those singles meetings and whatnot. But I'm too shy to go to those kind of things I think. Who knows though.

What is up with all these hurricanes,people? My sister lives on a barrier island in SC and I've been holding my breath for her this whole stupid season. I have relatives in Florida but so far they've come through ok. This is crazy though.

I'm off like a dirty shirt. And I just typed shit instead of shirt and that is just plain gross.

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