Its a good day [ 2004-09-28, 6:03 p.m. ]

Much better day than the last.

Mandy called me at work today. She told me that she'd paid my phone bill. Wow. When I was talking to her last night about my financial woes, I wanted to ask her for help. But I just couldn't do it. I'm tired of asking for help. Of course I was hoping she would offer but I was fine when she didn't. So when she called me, I was so surprised. I told her she was very sweet. Much love to my sister.

Also at work, my receiver, Russell, gave me a pass to go to the Renaissance Festival. I'd bugged him (mostly joking, really) about getting me a free ticket since he works the festival every year. I've never been cause either weather interferes or I just don't make the time. So now I have a pass! Yay! How cool is that? I'm going to ask Mandy to go with me. Its every weekend starting Oct.2nd to Nov.14th.

And when I came home, I had a cd mix from my message board cd swap. Plus, the Lost Boys dvd that I got from eBay arrived. Cool day.

I took a nap for about 20 minutes and had a weird dream. I dreamed that Michael and I went out of town and were visiting with a friend of his. We were drinking and partying. He hands me a small vial that has cocaine in it and I snorted some before I could stop myself. I mean, Michael and I could really party in our day but cocaine is something I've never done and could never do. I just always feared that I would be one of those people whose heart races and then has a heart attack. Back to the I'm immediately really high but also paranoid that I'm gonna die. I kinda freak out a bit and then my cat,Maddux,is there and I'm cuddling with him. Bizarro. But it was nice to have my cat around.

Almost time to make dinner. Pork chop,baked potato and lima beans. Good comfort food.

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