He forgot Poland! [ 2004-10-01, 2:08 a.m. ]

I am watching on Bravo right now the movie Return to Paradise. It has Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix. Such a sad and, for me, unexpected ending. Strangely enough I was talking about this movie to my Mom a few weeks ago and then the next night Bravo was showing it.

Speaking of odd coincidences... I was talking with a guy at work,David, about classic Southern rock. I was telling him how Mandy has asked me to make a cd with songs about homes and houses for her re-financing party. She had suggested "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynrd Skynrd, the ubiquitous Southern rock band. I cringe everytime the local classic rock station plays that song. I agree that it has a good guitar riff and all but the lyrics make me roll my eyes. Plus, the diss of Neil Young always gets my goat even though the band and Neil have no beef with each other. Apparantly to them its just a song. To others, its an anthem.

But I was telling David how on the local classic rock station, they will play "Southern Man" by CSNY almost as much, if not more, as "Sweet Home Alabama". So when I got off work, I turned on the radio and what do you know..."Southern Man" was playing. So.Odd. And the thing is "Southern Man" is definitely NOT a pro-South song. But they play it quite a bit that I wonder if 1)they REALLY like the song or 2)think its a fun song about the SouthLand!

Anyways, I was posting last night over at TWoP. I was posting about the new show, Lost which I really like (along with the new UPN show Veronica Mars). I got WARNED 20% by the fucking moderator,Dan Kwa. He's a newbie recapper/moderator so I don't know what his deal is. Granted, most of my posts there are in a conversational style but I do try to use correct grammar/punctuation as much as possible. That's what he warned me for. "Please proofread your posts for proper grammar and punctuation before posting. Thanks." Like anyone on the 'net really follows strict guidelines. I think I do so more than others. It got my goat so much that I emailed him very politely asking why I was being warned specifically. Hopefully, that email will not get me banned. I know its not really that much to be upset about it but if I'd really felt like it was warranted then I could live with it.

I taped the debate tonight because I was working. I watched about half of it then fast-forwarded to The Daily Show's coverage. Favorite line from the debate "He forgot Poland!" Sheesh.

My back hurts.Ow.

I watched a couple episodes last night of season 2 of The Office. Still damn funny. The second episode dealt with performance appraisals. I was laughing my ass off thinking of the yearly reviews that I'd been working on. Things are really not that different from company to company.

I have two things to do this weekend. Michael is giving Paco a party for Paco's 40th birthday on Saturday. That should be fun. I doubt I'll know anyone so I'm not sure how long I'll stay. I'm not great in a crowd usually. I think I feel more alone when I'm in a group of people that I'm not familiar with. I hate that feeling. That feeling of "I have nothing to say and nobody could care less if I wasn't here". But anyway, I'm going to get Paco a card but since I'm poor, I'm not sure what to get him. I was thinking of burning a cd for him but I can't think of what that would be.

The other thing I am doing this weekend is going to Mandy's re-financing party. Christy and Kevin are coming up for it. They will either be driving or flying up. Its so cool that Kevin flying a plane. I'm not sure I would ever go up in one of those small planes but I could definitely trust his ability. He's a smart and responsible kind of person. Too bad I hate small spaces and heights.

Alright, I'm done. Stick a fork in me.

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