Money,that's what I want [ 2004-10-06, 1:34 a.m. ]

I have $7 in my checking account and $18 in my wallet to last me till my next paycheck, Oct. 15th. Remember how I screwed up my checking acct. last week? Well, it kept on going so there were humongous penalites for overdraft (and I do not overdraft protection). It sucks majorly. I had to call the bank and got them to take away a small part of it but not enough. Not nearly enough so my rent check would clear.

So once again I had to borrow money from my Mom. And I still haven't paid her back from the last time I borrowed. She suggested that maybe I should move back in with them till my money situation is ok. She knew I didn't want to do that and I said "No, that really wouldn't help". Which is true. I just have to deny myself things for once in my life. No new music. No getting digital cable like I wanted to do. No buying books all the time etc... And no going to the grocery store and buying way too much overpriced crap.

It sounds like a simple thing that I should already know. But self-denial is not something I'm big on. As in food and whatnot. I hardly shop for clothes since I'm so huge that I'd really rather not try on clothes at all.

So, getting back to money. In the effort of wanting to have more money and to also break out of the rut I call my life, I'm putting a resume up on I don't even have a resume so I want to look at some of the resume help books at the store first. But I'll have one up by the weekend. Who knows what will happen but at least its worth a shot.

Finally getting nice Autumn weather here. I'd like it to not be above 60 degrees and get down to 40 degrees at night. Not year round but that kind of weather is great for Autumn.

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