And then there's Maude [ 2004-10-08, 4:24 p.m. ]

Remember how I was feeling crappy on Saturday? And then it went away on Sunday? Well, its back to stay now. I've got a head cold big time. In fact, Jeff (my boss) told me I sounded like Bea Arthur. Thanks.

I got out of work a bit early because of my sickliness. I went to the record store and sold some goods and then walked right over to the drug store. Stocked up on Dayquil,Nyquil and lozenges. There went half of the money that I just got. Blah. But its best that I be medicated.

Went with my Mom yesterday to get a monitor for their computer. Their old one had really been fading and had lines across it. So we got a new one and I set it up and while its a lot brighter, the lines are still there. I suggested she get Mandy to come over and take a look cause I have no idea what would be causing that.

My Dad was there and I managed to not feel the urge to throw something at him so that was an improvement. Like I said in my last entry, I'm just going to try to either ignore him when he's crabby or just use my sense of humor to draw him out of it. I can't take it so personally.

Right now I'm watching the Red Sox game. Yesterday I was watching the Braves game and they were down 2-0 when I fell asleep and had already turned the channel to the NBC news. Turns out that they came back to win in extra innings. Wouldn't ya know? Ah well, at least they aren't in the hole now.

Tonight is the second debate. I will probably watch some of it but I have 3 movies to watch: You Can Count On Me, Pieces of April, Mean Girls. I'm thinking Mean Girls is going to be watched first. I've been wanting to see it since it came out in the theatre. Brenda bought the dvd and we had a long discussion the other day about high school cliques and such. How you have these friends in junior high and then by high school you've gone separate ways.

Speaking of seeing movies in the theatre, I noticed that Garden State is still at my local movie theatre. I really want to go see it again. If its there in another week, when I get paid, maybe I'll go see it again. One odd thing that I've never mentioned is that after I saw that movie, on the way home I was right behind a car with a NJ plate (which I don't see very often here) and of course on the plate it says "Garden State". I just thought that was a very strange coincidence and it made me smile.

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