Get down off that cross! [ 2004-10-11, 10:24 p.m. ]

I'm back and still feeling kinda crappy. My cold was at it worst on Saturday though. I'm just a big congested head right now. Blah.

I worked a 7am to 7pm shift today. For most of the day I was not any fun to be around. But then I took a half hour break at 4pm that helped me "center myself". Made a world of difference in my attitude. I realized I was acting like a martyr which I hate. I mean now really. Get down off that cross. Somebody needs the wood.

10 days till my vacation!! Wooooo!!!!
I was thinking of visiting Christy or visiting Kathy. But I decided my pocketbook couldn't handle it. So my big plans are to spend a day each on the rooms in my house. Not including my spare bedroom cause I don't really care and its not in that bad of shape anyhow. So that's just 4 days really out of my vacation. And since I start it on a Friday and am adding a personal day at the end of it, all in all I have 12 days off in a row. Ain't that great?!

My plans for the rest of this week are to make two cd mixes that I owe people on my cd swap.

(I'm watching the Braves game and goddamn it..the fucking Astros just scored again. I do not see us making it to the NLCS.)

So tomorrow I open but because of my 12 hour shift I have time shaved off the rest of my shifts this week. Therefore I'm working 7-2:30 which is sweet.

My resume on Monster has gotten some responses. Not ones that I'd be interested in really but nothing bogus at least. I've heard mixed feedback about Monster so I figure its good that the offers I'm seeing aren't for crappy positions. Just,unfortunately, not ones that I'd be interested in, such as sales. *shudder* Its not that I'm looking for the "perfect job" but I'm just not going to take just any old thing. I mean, there are times when I honestly hate my job (as in several times today) but there are parts that I do like. So frying pan into the fire is not something I want to happen.

Fuck. It is now 8-2 Astros. Motherfuckers. I don't know why I care. *sob*

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