Boobies [ 2004-10-14, 2:18 a.m. ]

A much better day today. Not great but better. Last night, after I took a nap in the afternoon, I watched the Boston/NY game. C'mon,Red Sox,set up! I don't want to see the Yanks yet again in the World Series. Plus, it would just be cool to see the Red Sox win the whole thing.

Anyhow, I closed today. I went to the bank to cash a check that I got from State Farm. Its one of those deals where the state told them they'd made their customers pay too much so I got a bit of money back. A whopping $13.11 but man...right now that's a lot to me. Couldn't have come at a better time.

So I went to the bank drive-thru and of course there is only one teller working it. And I don't know what the other guy in the other lane was doing but he must've been moving accounts into third world countries or something. Geez. I just knew I was going to run out of gas while I sat there. Luckily this did not happen. But I did start developing a nice headache. Blah.

So when I got to work I took the usual Excedrin Tension headache pills. Those things are wonderful. I couldn't live without them.

I did manage to write the managers schedule for November. That got me to thinking about the holidays. Since I'm in retail those days are not always joyful. But I do hope to have some good cheer at least. At least I thought ahead this year and asked Diane to do the December schedules. The way the rotation was going meant I was going to do them AGAIN! And after last year I did not want that pain.

So I managed to get the store all closed down properly and went to the grocery to pick up a frozen pizza. I was so fucking starving. I had had a toasted bagel w/cream cheese for dinner. Plus a pumpkin spice latte per soverycherry's suggestion. I mean I work in the place and I still hadn't gotten one from the cafe. God, was that good. I must have one every single day.

I watched Mean Girls tonight when I got home. I really enjoyed it. Most of the stuff was pretty right on about cliques in school. I liked also that it had a nice ending for most of the girls. That Regina herself found a bit of happiness too. That was pretty cool. It was also pretty damn funny too. Oh, and Lindsay Lohan's boobs are huge. I mean, really. You can't NOT look at them.

Ok, after this I watch tonight's taped episode of Lost then I go to bed. I work another short day tomorrow, 12-6:30 which is awesome. I think I'll be going over to the 'rents for clothes washing and dinner mooching. Then Friday I'm off. And there are many errands to do.


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