Its a wee bit chilly today [ 2004-10-16, 1:15 a.m. ]

I totally flaked on doing much today. I stayed up way too late Thursday night. Ended up sleeping most of the afternoon.

What I really needed to do today was either get my tire replaced or just patch it if that's all it needs. So I work 11-7pm tomorrow and I need to go by the tire place just up the road from me before I go to work. It seems to have a slow leak so I'm not tooo worried about it but still, I'd feel better if I got it taken care of.

But I did go grocery shopping which was a relief to have stuff in the kitchen again. Not that I was being deprived but I bought stuff for dinners.

I'm watching Conan tonight and oh my God, the show tonight is so funny. He was talking to "Bill O'Reilly" earlier on the phone (not really) and "O'Reilly" said he was sitting on a washing machine. He said that Conan should ask him why he's like the Presidential election. Conan asked him and O'Reilly replied "because we're both coming soon!". So childish but yet so funny.

I get to work tomorrow. But really it means I get to have another pumpkin spice latte. I had two of them on Thursday.

I missed seeing Jon Stewart on Crossfire today. I read over on TWoP that he kicked major ass. Yay,Jon!

Go welcome back Jules!

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