Cue Denis Leary's song "Asshole" [ 2004-10-19, 7:41 p.m. ]

I kicked some ass at work today. People really need to learn not to piss me off. As I get older, I will take less and less shit from people.

We had a locksmith from a company come out to check this combination locks we have on our door to the stock room and the break room. We had had the combos changed on them for LP purposes but occassionally the old combo was working. So we called District Wide Maintenance (DWM) and they sent out the same guy. So I'm explaining to the locksmith what the doors had been doing. He's all "Oh that doesn't happen. The old combos won't work." So I'm lying,eh? He punches the combos in and messes with them but, like I told him, it wasn't happening every time so it didn't do it when he was messing with them.

So I drop that and say that he was also here to fix the lock on the trash bin in the men's room. He asks if we have the work order. I ask him "Did DWM not fax you one?". He replies "Oh they never do. They only send it here." I'm thinking, wtf? That is not right. So I call DWM and they tell me that yes, they always fax it to the contractor but they would fax it to the store as well. I wait for the fax and the locksmith (from here on known as dickhead) is standing there. Jonathan, a dept. manager, comes into the office and asks if dickhead was here for the combo locks. Then he says exactly what I told the guy in the first place. And the dickhead believes Jonathan of course. Misogynistic asshole.

I had had it up to here with the guy and informed Jonathan to show dickhead about the trash bin lock. And when Jonathan came back into the office alone I told him to finish the paperwork for the guy. After he did, he told me that dickhead had insisted that we don't get a copy of the paperwork. (And J. later told me that the last time the guy was here the guy was kinda aggressive about the fact that we couldn't even make a copy of it...which is such utter bull.)

So I called our rep at DWM and told them how this guy had behaved. And now that locksmith company is off the list to deal with our stores. Hah!!! Take that,dickhead!

One other thing this guy had done was back when the Bill Clinton bio was first out, dickhead had come in to do some work and had mentioned something about how that book would make good firewood. Fuck you,buddy. I don't care about your politics. Go do your work and shut the fuck up.

Anyways....I got some paperwork done today. Scheduling and assignment sheets. I really coulda used a neck massage. I like doing office work but I don't see how people sit for 8 hours at a time.

Tomorrow is 11-7:30. At least I can sleep in a bit. Then Thursday is 7-3:30 and then VACATION!!!!

The leaves are really starting to change color around here. A few more days and they'll all be red and gold. I need to get some film for my camera and actually take pictures.

Going back to that idiot. The thing that gets me is that I'm really his customer and he's acting like an asshole. I mean, there are days when I'm grumpy at work. I had one of those a few days ago and could have kicked myself for not being nice to people. I wasn't rude necessarily but I wasn't smiling and too helpful. It was just a bad day overall. But this guy has a track record of being an asshole. I give good customer service 98% of the time. The other 2% is just adequate customer service. *steps off soap box*

I've been noticing a slight difference in my clothes lately. Since I've been mainly eating soup and a bagel for lunch at work instead of the expensive lunches like big sandwiches or McDonalds, I think I've lost a few pounds. I don't know how much I weigh but I prefer to not think of that. Its the clothes fitting looser thing that makes me feel good. I did have sesame chicken from the Chinese place next door today but that was just a slip. I hadn't had anything like that for a couple of weeks.

10 minutes till the Red Sox game. Crossing my fingers.

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