Johnny Be Good! [ 2004-10-21, 7:30 p.m. ]

What a game. What a series. I still cannot believe it. It was so fabulous. I swear that I could easily move to Boston right now.

There was a celebrity sighting at our store today. Alan Ruck, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Spin City, was in shopping. There was a bit of a fangirl type thing going on with all us. I didn't go up to him but a couple of them did. Said he was very nice and all. Big time Ferris fans around the store apparantly. I loved that movie too but I think I liked him even more in Spin City. I usually watch the repeats of it when I'm still up in the early morning.

I called the cable company to get their special on having a dvr and digital cable for $9.99 for the first three months. It will be installed on Monday morning. I'm so excited! Yay!

I'm officially on vacation now so let the celebration begin. I already celebrated by taking a nap. Par-tay!

I have 3 movies coming to me from Netflix. Farenheit9/11, Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. The first is just in time for the big countdown to the election. And the last I've never seen and everybody always says what classic horror pics they are. So just in time for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween...I used to work at a costume store and worked 3 Halloweens. The couple days before the big day are like the Christmas season all wrapped into two days. Its incredible. Everyone would ask what they should go as. C'mon. I don't know you. Be a witch or princess or ghost or vampire. There ya go. Those are my suggestions now leave me alone. There was one time when a girl pointed at me while another clerk was waiting on her. She said she wanted a wig like mine.'s my real hair. It was quite black at the time. Heh.

So another ballgame tonight. I want the Cardinals to win. But if they don't I won't be crying. I just want the Red Sox to win over whoever makes it to the World Series anyway.

I made a donation to my public radio station today. Big whopping $20! Don't you think that once you make a donation that you should be able to turn to the station that doesn't have the pledge drive going on. I think so at least.

Dinner is almost ready. I'm going to make a like a tree and get out of here(/Biff)

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