The ubiquitous Tom Hanks [ 2004-10-25, 9:26 p.m. ]

I woke up at 7am today. Why? you may ask. Well, I had the cable guy coming out to install my digital cable/dvr today between 8 and noon. Of course, then I get a call from the cable company telling me the guy is running late. He didn't get here till around 1pm. Sigh. I could have slept in! Ah,well. I didn't blame him. He told me that the guy he was installing cable for before me had wanted to do all the drilling himself for the new cable outlets. How weird.

So I now have million HBO channels, Cinemax channels and Starz channels. I just finished watching the rest of That Thing You Do. Of course then I was switching around and Catch Me If You Can was on. Tom Hanks is everywhere! He was at the Red Sox game last night. They interviewed him. He's such a hoot. I love that guy. A few hours after the game last night You've Got Mail was on tv so I had to watch it. I heart that movie.

Speaking of movies.... I tried to watch Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. I could not get more than halfway through the first one. There is a scene where a girl is screaming through the possessed forest and she's raped by a tree branch. ugh. So I turned it off shortly after that.

I think maybe if I had been watching it with somebody I could have watched it. The zombie thing wasn't my bag though. Now,Night of the Living Dead, the original, freaks me out. Evil Dead just made me lose interest. I've been told repeatedly that the sequel is a lot better and campier. I'll just have to wait to watch that one sometime..with somebody.

I was watching on AMC last night a special that Entertainment Weekly had put together of the 20 scariest movies. Bruce Campbell, of Evil Dead etc.., hosted it. He's a real hoot. I know a bunch of people love him. I can see why. He was making me laugh. I must rent Bubba Ho-Tep.

I took a nap this afternoon from about 4pm till just after 8pm. Yes, I know. That's not a nap. That's just called sleeping.

I actually did get some things accomplished around the house last night. Cleaned up around my bedroom and the living room. I do want to go through my drawers to go through my clothes. I could probably throw a few things away. Plus, organizing would be good.

I need to call the Kerry/Edwards office to volunteer this week and next. I don't want to call people so I hope they have other things I can do.

I have 3 movies coming to me from Netflix (which lowered their price by $4 due to competition! yay!): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Wonder Boys, I'll Be Seeing You. The last one is a recent dvd release of a 1940's movie about WWII.

That's it. Sorry for the boring entry!

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