The theatre the theatre what happened to the theatre?! (/White Christmas) [ 2004-10-29, 8:11 p.m. ]

I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind this afternoon. What can I say about this movie? Its moving, original and wonderful. I had been wanting to see it since it came out earlier this year. Just the concept of erasing bad memories or relationships from your brain is fascinating. I would never do it though. I would hate to have nothing to compare my good memories to. Plus, even though some friendships turned sour or boys I liked didn't work out, I would hate to have those memories of good conversations,laughs and tears erased forever.

I was watching for umpteenth time a couple days Waiting for Guffman and it got me to thinking about the theatre. And then I watched the PBS documentary about the Broadway musical and was just swooning over Cabaret,Sondheim,and all the old musicals. Here's a little rundown for ya of the theatre I have done:
Two musical revues (cheesy but a lot of fun)

Sugar-the musical version of the movie "Some Like It Hot". I was a member of the "all-girl band" and got a couple lines to solo. I'd be a popsicle if I just had a stick! and the spoken line of "I've got cheese and crackers!".

Arsenic and Old Lace-in which I played a man (baby!)

Under the Yum Yum Tree-for which I ran sound

A Chorus Line-sang backstage for two productions of it. They did it in the Fall and then revived in the Spring.

Company-sang backstage again and ran props

Lil' Abner-played Moonbeam McSwine. Had a big entrance and several lines. I think that was probably my biggest role.

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas-member of the chorus, so I played several parts and had a solo line or two.

Not to mention the several times I took Dance for Musical Theatre just because I loved it so much. Two quarters of Chamber Choir. And a 1st soprano alternate for the Singing Christmas Tree (a local audition only choir)

I think all of that took place in the span of 3 years, I guess. Just writing it out makes me think there is more. I think because I did so much in those 3 years. I was young and had so much energy and so many friends.

I've been thinking about auditioning for something here or there. But right now isn't good. That can be my New Year's Resolution. Its a big one. Actually meeting other people. Setting myself up for disappointment but then again maybe not. I'd like to do theatre but most of all I'd like to sing. More than anything.

Tomorrow night is the Novello festival thingy with Michael Chabon. I'm going alone but I will probably meet up with some people from our book club that meets at the store.

Speaking of the store, in Eternal Sunshine, Kate Winslet's character says she's "been a book slave for 5 years" at B&N. That was quite cool. There are several scenes there. So I was a bit distracted during those scenes naturally. There is a scene towards the end where Jim Carry is talking to Kate in the bkstore and I saw that most of the books are turned spine in so you can't see the titles. Which is exactly how it would be in your dreams or memories. I love those kind of touches in dreams.

I want it to be nominated for best picture but I really want Fahrenheit 9/11 to be nominated and to win. I think if the Patriots can win the Super Bowl and the Boston Red Sox win the World Series(!!) then Kerry can win it all as well. Bring it on!!

A personality test that actually summed me up pretty well. Except I do use my heart a lot more than the descriptions says! Thanks to pinkbowshoe for the link! HASH(0x8ab0480)

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