2,554 words! [ 2004-11-08, 9:06 p.m. ]

I was driving home last night from working a few hours. I was driving on a road that a lot of people use because it connects up to two fairly busy streets. So its a residential area but maybe a mile or so from the middle of downtown. Meaning its not in the middle of nowhere. This dickweed was right behind me wanting me to go faster but its a 25mph road so I was not going to go any faster than 30mph especially since it was dark.

A half a block ahead of me I see an animal cross the road quickly. And I realized it was a deer! How cool is that? And if the aforementioned dickweed had had me going faster I might have hit it.

Work was a bit of a pain but I got done what I need to get done. So I saw no real need to stay. Jonathan of course was trying to brown nose his way around by coming in before noon even though he was closing. That just gets me. Gimme a break. What is wrong with getting things done in the right amount of time? All this last minute crap just means that you weren't planning your time very well,huh. I had thoughts of staying around to help but I honestly think most of it was done anyway. I'm not going to feel guilty about that.

I came home and checked my hotmail. In my email was a message from the guy who runs NaNoWriMo. It was an inspiring email about how the second week is always the hardest. You start to make excuses about why you shouldn't even try. I had written two (yep,just two) days in my novel. Then the election happened and I was really downhearted. Then I went back to work and my energy level went down as well as my back hurting me. The back pain made sitting in this lousy chair a real pain. (I really really need a comfortable computer chair,all I have is a folding chair) So I read his email and it actually did inspire me. I made myself turn off the tv, for once. Told myself to take at least a half hour to just write more in my novel. And I did. I wrote 814 words. The novel is now up to 8 pages. Woohoo! And I really like how its coming together,too. Also, good news, I discovered "word count" on MS Word. How sad am I? I've never had to use it to write a paper for college or anything. That was way after my time. Okay, not way but a few years after.

I have tomorrow off. Praise God. I'm trying to watch a lot of the stuff I've had recorded the past few days. I'm now just getting around to watching CSI from last Thursday.

Wednesday and Thursday night, I'll be training 3 new people at work. Seasonal help and I'm so glad to have a few more warm bodies in the store. Nothing like being understaffed during the holidays.

Here's hoping I can write a few more 1,000 words this week. Wish me luck!

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