I'm too old for this shit [ 2004-11-20, 1:09 a.m. ]

I have the weekend off. One of the best sentences you can say when you work in retail.

The other would be "I quit" but no, that hasn't happened.

Work yesterday started off pretty crappy but eventually got better. Diane was in a bitchy mood but finally simmered down.

Today was pretty much crappy but it could have been worse. It could have been busier than it was. Amy called out because of an emergency with her dog. Is it wrong for me to be pissed off about that? Nothing against her but really, I hardly EVER call out. I can't remember the last time that I did. Oh well. I'm over it. Her dog is fine but was on meds so she had to stay with him because her g/f couldn't get off work. Whatev.

I moved my 21" tv into my bedroom. I took my color portable tv into the kitchen and took out my very old b/w portable tv. So I get better reception in there (no cable hookup in the kitchen). The main reason I moved my big tv in here is so I will watch my Netflix dvds more. I don't have a comfortable couch so I haven't been watching my dvds as often and therefore wasting my Netflix membership fee in the process. So this change really rocks my casbah,man. Its so fucking cool. And I have 3 Netflix dvds to watch this weekend:Coffee & Cigarettes,Shrek 2,Super Size Me.

I'm so damn sore. Work kicked my ass because of running around. I'm too old for this shit (/Danny Glover)

Tomorrow is my NaNoWriMo work day. I'm hoping to write 10,000 words tomorrow. Its not enough to get me halfway but it'll be a start.

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