Sugarplums! [ 2004-11-25, 3:39 a.m. ]

I had a couple of really nice moments at work today. This afternoon a lady and her husband were checking out and complained about how their membership card would never work. It would come up like it wasn't activated and therefore not give them a discount. They told me that several times booksellers have tried to get it straightened out and are told by the people at the membership help desk that its all fixed. But then it never happens. She wasn't blaming us but did want the number for home office customer service to complain. I gave her that number and also took all her info so I could see what I could do.

After calling the membership "help" desk, they tell me that the card had not been activated properly. The only way they could fix it would be for the woman to give the exact date of purchase and the exact amount of her purchase when she bought the card. Now, the lady said it was close to a year ago so I was not going to make her weed through her credit card statements to come up with those details. I ended up issuing a new membership card and just having the store eat the cost all in the name of customer service. I called her and left a message telling her I was mailing her a new card and it would be good till next November. She phoned back and praised me for doing what nobody else had done and said that I now had a loyal customer. Go me!

The second cool thing that happened was a family was checking out and the cashier called me up to the front. I thought that the family was going to complain about the two kids that were back in the children's section because I had overheard them describing the two kids. But no. They asked me to give the two kids two gifts cards for $20 each because they had heard the kids talking about how they wished they had money to buy something. They didn't want the kids to know where it came from and wanted me to give the gift cards to them.

So I walked back there and these two kids, probably about 11 and 7 years old, were sitting on the benches back there. They were quietly reading. The little girl was reading Junie B. Jones and the the boy was looking at them as well, I think. I approached them and told them that a secret Santa was in the store and wanted them both to have $20 gift cards to spend on any books they wanted. You should have seen their faces light up. It was just so dang cool. They didn't buy anything tonight. I think they were going to go home and show their Mom or Dad.

Those two things helped to make my day and help me start off the holiday season on a good note. Despite the two idiot twentysomething girls who could not make a decision on what to buy and kept us open 10 minutes past closing time.

I watched Elf tonight and now must own the dvd. What a cute movie. Ever since I saw the previews last year, I've been saying "son of a nutcracker". I love that phrase. And Will Ferrell is the funniest man ever born. No doubt about it.

I bought the new U2 cd yesterday. It rocks so much. I will definitely be playing that one over and over again. Loved it.

I managed to write about 1,000 words in my NaNoWriMo novel yesterday. I made some progress with the plot so that's cool. I really don't think I'll make it to 50,000 since I'm only at 7,007 words right now and the deadline is next Tuesday night. But I shall persevere.

I really blame my writing block on Snood. Sexy, addictive Snood.

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