[ 2004-12-02, 12:19 a.m. ]

I bought a six-pack of Killian's Red yesterday. I managed to drink one beer which for me is a lot. It let me relax and my TMJ ache went away. But I won't drink every day because I just can't.

Damn, its cold in here. I should turn on the heat. My fingertips are icy. The rest of me is covered up.

I didn't finish NaNoWriMo but I'm going to keep going on the novel when I have time. It will help when I have a decent chair to sit in at the computer. I put that item at the top of my Christmas list and think Santa will come through.

I worked on one of the two cd mixes that I owe for the cd swap on the message board. I put together a compilation of favorite songs from movie soundtracks. I think its pretty good.

I think I'm going to call Michael tomorrow and see if he wants to do something Friday night. I get off work early at 2:30 and I'm off on Saturday. I'm going over to my parents on Saturday for clothes washing and dinner.

I had a dream about the Ramones last night. I think I was at a Ramones concert or something. Its kinda hazy. I do have from Netflix to watch the "Ramones:Raw" documentary. So that probably influenced my thoughts. Either way, I think of them often. I remember the first time I saw them in concert. It was at the club I eventually started working at, the Pterodactyl Club. My friend,Scott, whom I worked with, went into the surge of people with me. When the Ramones came on stage the mass of people moved as one. Scott laughed and yelled at me "Lift up your feet!". I did and the crowd carried me along. It was wild and so much fun.

Before that concert they were signing posters and albums at a record store. I got up to them and all I could say was "You guys are great!". I sounded just like Riff Randall from "Rock 'n Roll High School".

I had an opportunity to go out with some people after work tonight but I punked out. I would have gone if I didn't have to be at work at 11am tomorrow. I closed tonight so I probably wouldn't have been able to stay out very long.

Work was ok but I am getting more and more pissed off at Justin in the cafe. I went over there at about 9pm and he's sitting down next to a friend who is always coming in to see him. I said "What're you doing?" in a casual way. He said, smiling, "I'm learning about Australia!. What are you doing?". I replied, with a flip of my hand, "I'm telling you to get up."

I mean, really. I don't think anybody likes to work with him now. The boy wants to be a chef and if he thinks he can get away with being a slackass in a real restaurant he's in for a shock. He is an okay guy but as an employee he's my least favorite person now. Gah.

Alright, I'm going to turn the heat on now. *shakes off icesicles*

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