Walk on [ 2004-12-04, 12:12 a.m. ]

What a crappy day. I've had worse but this one kinda blows.

It was nutso busy at work today. Which is actually a good thing but Diane did not schedule enough for the first part of the day. I sometimes wish I could do the scheduling every month so it gets done correctly. Yes, I know that sounds superior but it is definitely not her strength. I did ask her to do the December schedule this year since last year when I did it I wanted to blow my brains out. But she doesn't have the manager schedule posted for the month. Its stupid.

So on my drive home this afternoon, a lady drives up next to me at an intersection and lets me know that one of my tires is flat. Oh,joy. I made it to the small tire repair place down the street from me. It was going to take at least an hour for someone to look at it so I hoofed it on home, which is about a 1/2 mile. When I spoke to them on the phone they told me that the tire couldn't be repaired and I would need a new tire. Apparantly, a nail had gone into the tire at a weird angle and couldn't be plugged.

They put the spare on for me and I'll be taking the car back in the morning when they expect to get the tire in for me. I'm just lucky its so nearby. The nice thing about this afternoon was the walk from the place and then back to it. I really need to start walking the neighborhood. If I just did that walk it would be a full mile.

I was going to go out with Michael tonight to see a movie but when I told him about the spare only being on my car and I didn't want to drive it anywhere, I pretty much nixed any thoughts of going out. I guess he could have offered to come get me but I didn't really plant that as an option. I think most of me wanted to stay home. As usual.

On my message board that I frequent, I mentioned that these next two weeks were going to be a pain since managers will only get one day off. Naturally two people came back with "you get a day off? I have to be chained to my desk till New Year's Day" or some such rot. That majorly pissed me off. Number One:I'm in retail meaning I'm on my feet all day dealing with customers who don't have a clue with what to get anybody. Number Two: I'm salaried and no, I'm not getting overtime and most likely will be working longer than 8 hours when needed. And Number Three: I don't get paid enough to suck all the joy out of the season. I wasn't comparing myself with anybody in my post so I really don't see why people feel the need to write back stupid things like that.

I get to pay $50 for the tire tomorrow. So naturally I ordered a pizza tonight. Yes, that makes no sense to me either. I was cold and not in the mood to cook anything at all. Yay for Pizza Hut online.

I have so many shows to watch on my dvr that got recorded plus 3 dvds from Netflix. Phooey.

I'm going over to my parents tomorrow. Depending on how early they can replace my tire I may go over to my parents place earlier than usual. If I don't I'll probably just end up taking a nap. I know me too well.

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